Welcome to Wusik SQ 200 HD, the Hardware Remote Controller that allows you to use your computer as a full Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), MIDI Sequencer and Plugins Host.

With this hardware box, you will be able to connect to a Windows (maybe OSX, but haven't tested yet) computer and use it without monitor, mouse and keyboard. All is done from the controller itself, which hosts several special buttons, navigation arrows and two LCD screens.

The project is Arduino based and very easy to setup, or you can PreOrder (help me crowdfund the project) a fully working unit; just plug to a computer with the correct software that we provide and a good sound-card.

Wusik SQ200 has a lot of features, including Plugin (VST/AU) Hosting and Sequencing, Audio Playback (soon recording too) and Acid WAV Loop support (with time-streaching code). All tracks and audio signals have an option of internal compressor with side-chaining support, done in a very easy way.

Please, visit the following link for further details.

Beat707 MPU
MIDI Processing Unit

Imagine a MIDI Cable with a small "box" in the middle. This box have different Modes such as: Key Switching, Low Keys to MIDI Channel Selector and soon more. You can read the project details, including the current software details, at the following link.


The Beat707 NXT PCBs Arrived!

Orders for the Main PCB, NOT the 3 x TM1638 PCBs seen in the video. The fully built PCB comes pre-programmed, just attach the 3 x TM1638 boards and you are ready to go.

Visit the official product page on GitHub for more information


Detailed information

  • 15 Drum Tracks (note on/off, 3 velocity values).
  • 1 Accent Track. But each step can be set: Accent Track, Min or Max.
  • 8 Note Tracks (note number, 3 velocity values). Steps have the option of Slide and Note Off.
  • 30 Songs.
  • 64 Patterns per Song.
  • 16 Steps on screen, plus ABCD variations for a total of 64 steps.
  • Double Steps (in between steps option when editing the steps).
  • MIDI Processor Per Track. EG: Fade In, Fade Out, Fade InOut, Fade OutInt, Random Velocity and more.
  • Simple Hardware design, based on the easy to find TM1638 IC based boards. Just search on eBay and you should be able to find several options. We used 3 boards that has 8 x buttons, 8 x LEDs and 8 x LED_Segments. Such as THIS one. The board uses a single ATmega328 running at 3.3V, one FLASH chip for storage and connections for the TM1638 boards.

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