Beat707 NXT

The Beat707 NXT PCBs Arrived!

Orders for the Main PCB, NOT the 3 x TM1638 PCBs seen in the video. The fully built PCB comes pre-programmed, just attach the 3 x TM1638 boards and you are ready to go.

Visit the official product page on GitHub for more information

Detailed information

  • 15 Drum Tracks (note on/off, 3 velocity values).
  • 1 Accent Track. But each step can be set: Accent Track, Min or Max.
  • 8 Note Tracks (note number, 3 velocity values). Steps have the option of Slide and Note Off.
  • 30 Songs.
  • 64 Patterns per Song.
  • 16 Steps on screen, plus ABCD variations for a total of 64 steps.
  • Double Steps (in between steps option when editing the steps).
  • MIDI Processor Per Track. EG: Fade In, Fade Out, Fade InOut, Fade OutInt, Random Velocity and more.
  • Simple Hardware design, based on the easy to find TM1638 IC based boards. Just search on eBay and you should be able to find several options. We used 3 boards that has 8 x buttons, 8 x LEDs and 8 x LED_Segments. Such as THIS one. The board uses a single ATmega328 running at 3.3V, one FLASH chip for storage and connections for the TM1638 boards.