As of 21st March 2012 Beat707 Hardware is now Open Source

Beat707 First Article

Download Full Schematics

Download Eagle Files

Version 1.4.9 / October 29 Update

- Fixed problem with Beat707 Manager (be sure to enable it under the Config.h file if you plan on using it, set #define MANAGER_DUMP_RECV 1 in order to activate it, and switch Beat707 USB MODE to On)

- Added support to the new Arduino 1.0 IDE

Download Update Now: https://github.com/Beat707/Beat707-Drum-Machine-V1/zipball/master

Another great article about Beat707 on the Wusik Sound Magazine
Click Here to find read the magazine online


Beat707 Manager Released

This new Application let you Backup and Restore both Patterns and Songs from Beat707 EEPROM and Flash

Beat707 Manager

Download the latest version:

Browse source code:

Beat707 LE Released

Official GitHub download area:

Based on the following hardware:

- 10 Drum Tracks
- 2 Accent Tracks
- 8 Patterns
- 25 to 255 BPM tempo
- 64 steps with A/B patterns + Mirror Editing
- Double steps (in between steps) mode
- Midi Clock Shuffle and Direction: reverse, normal, random
- MIDI Channel # per track
- Note-Number # per track
- Everything is saved on the ATmega EEPROM. (when you hit STOP after changing something)

DM Feature Request Official List


New Beat707 DM V1.3.0

Download the latest version:

Browse source code:

So far here's what changed as of May 20 2011 - Version 1.3.0

- New LEDs Code - Adds 3 levels of light on each LED, so you can see if the current step velocity is low, medium or high. Internally we used Timer2 to do a fast PWM on all LEDs, and a MIDI Output buffer so any MIDI does not delays the LEDs PWM interrupt; this is done via the bufferMIDI variable. Be sure to read the description of LEDS_PWM_A1 and LEDS_PWM_A2 in the Config.h file, as those two values determinates how the LED PWM code works.
- Added MIDI_SYSEX_DMP_RC to Config.h (Off by default) - When enabled, adds code to Dump and Receive MIDI System Exclusive Data (SysEX) via MIDI.
- Added INI_PATT_FULL_ACNT to Config.h (Off by default) - During Pattern Initialization both Accents tracks will be set to either full-value or the values set via the INI_PATT_USER_V option. (be sure to read the description of the INI_PATT_USER_V)
- A few bugs related to the LED Transport and Song Saving/Erasing were fixed.
- Several areas of the code were optimized for lower flash-program usage. The resulting code is actually larger, as we need to add more code to accomodate the LED PWM Timer and Interrupts.

IRC Chat Channel released.

Server: irc.mibbit.com - Channel:

Online IRC:

Beat707 USB to MIDI Converter - Cross Platform - Source Code and Executables included.
Processing Language based. (the same used for the Arduino IDE) Made with custom code, not external slow libraries.

Latest version direct download link:


Official GitHub download area:


May 14 2011 - Version 1.0.0

- First Released with Midi Output only.
- Automated Serial Port Check, no need to know which port Beat707 is connected to.
- Low Latency and Low CPU overhead, thanks to own code, no external libraries used.
- The selected MIDI Out Port is saved in the Beat707 EEPROM

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